Every year there are many visitors that they are having their holidays at Paxos. That number is increasing every year showing with the most emphatic way that Greeks and foreigners if it’s coming for holidays they will use some saving to visit one of the most beautiful islands not only in Greece but probably in all Europe. This great beauty is a piece of mystery as the myth mentions that Paxos Island was where Poseidon and Amfitriti were nesting their passion as those tirquaz sea color and caves around the island is the best place to do so even in our days.

What we can see or do in Paxos Island

As we mention in the beginning Paxos Island been discovered from visitors last ten years and the main reason is that Paxos is a luxury and sophisticated island and targeted mostly of people with culture. Therefore there will be some big boats at the port with many famous people wondering around small roads at Gaios or renting a small boat to visit the ‘’greek fiord’’ that is across the port called Agios Nikolaos. That small island is easy to access from anybody and your boat ride takes only 2-3 minutes to get there. Also you can wonder around to those old eptanisian places like the old church of Agious Apostolous, like the local Museum of Paxos and the monastery of Virgin Mary at small islet close to Paxos.

Of course these are not the only places that you can visit at Paxos because there are so many beautiful villages that in the end of the day will be difficult to choose which to go or not. Lakka is the biggest of them all, built in an enclosed bay surrounded with vegetation that ends close to the sea, makes that a magical landscape for all visitors or for those who will come by their boat. Loggos is a cultural Ionian village with many old mansions and colored windows. Magazia and Ozias are two other wonderful islands that included to those places that a visitor has to see.

Antipaxos, a breathtaking Paradise

Take a boat trip on the west side of the island and discover the wild beauty of Paxos Island where you can discover magnificent caves, fantastic beaches, small canyons and everything that mother nature made so beautiful in that island. Antipaxos, are only 15 minutes away by boat, an island that considers to be one of the finest not only in Greece but in the entire world as its beaches are pictured everywhere and can only compared with Caribbean Islands. Choose the best Paxos accomadation