Paxos Island is the best place to escape for your holidays and a romantic shelter for all those who want peace and relaxation. Paxos or Paxoi as Greeks pronounce it, is the smallest of seven islands at Ionian Sea and only 30 minutes away from Corfu. Paxos is also well known for its plantation, wild landscape, olive trees, and great history and of course for Antipaxos, a small island very close with one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Greece but for whole world. 

All natural beauties on Paxos Island are attractions for thousands of visitors every year. The island is actually one of the most luxurious and cosmopolitan Island in Greece. It also offers visitors naturalist trips to the virgin countryside and beautiful beaches, romantic strolls in the picturesque villages and Greek-style entertainment in the bars found in the tourist resorts.

According to Greek Mythology, Paxos Island or Paxoi as it’s commonly used in the Greek language, was formed when Poseidon hit his trident on Corfu splitting apart a big piece of land to make a smaller island, where he housed his romance with a goddess called Amfitriti. For this reason, the symbol of Paxos Island is the trident. 

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Paxoi are characterized, not unfairly, as the paradise on earth. Picturesque bays, dense vegetation, endless groves, beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, steep cliffs, quaint fishing villages and settlements with traditional mansions make up the amazing scenery.